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Business on the fly with “Google Mobile Reporting”

date of publication January 3, 2012

Having explored several cool features of Google Analytics thus far, the picture starts to become more clear-cut about the different tools that Google is developing in order to make web marketing an easier and more efficient task than ever before. Mobile Reporting is another excellent addition to the array of tools that are embedded in Analytics, giving marketers the ability to track mobile traffic on their site both in terms of visits to a full layout page from a mobile device, as well as visits from a handheld device to a mobile page. The importance of mobile traffic cannot be understated, as reports show that “mobile devices will overtake desktop/laptops as the most used Internet access devices by 2013.”

The option of tracking web traffic to mobile sites and applications alike is augmented by functions which allow users to “track and set engagement goals, add customized segments, track unique visitors for segments and set ‘intelligence’ alerts” according to AdWeek. Having this new ability to precisely track mobile user behaviour will enable marketers and companies to see how well their mobile campaigns are faring, and will help in planning the allocation of resources to boost popular marketing strategies while cutting loose those parts of their mobile campaign which are lapsing.



Google’s Analytics blog gives the following details about the new features that come with mobile reporting. Going into “visitors reporting” in Analytics, you will see two new sub-headings which were recently added: the “Mobile Overview” report and the “Devices” report. The first section simply shows the contrasting statistics between mobile and non-mobile traffic to your site, while the latter displays the exact mobile device from which a visit originated. Knowing how much traffic you are receiving from mobile users will help you understand the success of your mobile campaign, while seeing what devices people are using to visit your site will help you better optimize the site for the more popular devices.

A final important point has been raised with Google’s upgrade to Mobile Reporting, namely that it gives marketers a new source of invaluable information when targeting AdWord campaigns. Knowing the types of devices which people are using when visiting your page tells you not only how to optimize your site for the various devices which are listed in your mobile report, but it also lets you target AdWords to the particular devices that are visiting the page. In turn, being aware of your user base and optimizing accordingly makes it more likely that you will have a lower bounce rate amongst mobile users, and that potential clients will stay on your page longer; as we all know, the longer that a user stays on your page, the more likely it becomes that they will convert into a lead or a sale.

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