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Hot off the press with Google Analytics “Real-Time”

date of publication December 13, 2011

We all know that tracking user data on your website is the first step in analysing your success on the web, and that of related social media campaign. Knowing and understanding trends is what helps you evaluate which components of your marketing drive attract traffic with potential clients, and from there it is a fairly simple business to convert those potential clients into customers once they’ve made it to your home page.

Google’s recent upgrade of its free data tracking software Analytics means that you can now see user activity on your page in real time, which you can then relate to your own actions in the social media sphere and see how successful your social media campaign is. Google Analytics’ blog gives a great example of how “Real-Time” is an important feature in understanding user trends; whenever you send out a tweet for example, you can see the immediate impact of that tweet convert into hits coming into your website from users who are following you in the Twitterverse.

Another reason why viewing user data in real time is important when measuring the success of your website, is to see how effective your PPC and SEO marketing is. By studying the reports that are produced in Google Analytics, you can see the amount of traffic being directed to your site by experimenting with both keyword ranking as well as ad posting. While Google Analytics still has a 24-hour delay in processing results into reports, you can still see user reaction when you play around with keywords and ads.

All in all, Google Analytics Real-Time is another brilliant release by the Internet giant which will make the lives of marketers and business owners a whole lot easier. While you could be wasting precious time by waiting hours or days to retrieve reports while figuring out trends related to your PPC, SEO, and social media campaign, now you can see it right in front of your eyes as it happens. This is just another phase in Google’s quest to make the lives of Internet users and marketers a bit easier, and frankly I can’t wait to see what else the guys at Mountain View have up their sleeves.

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