Tracking user behaviour with Google Multi-channel Funnels

Tracking user behaviour with Google Multi-channel Funnels

date of publication December 15, 2011

In the last blog we wrote, we discussed the really cool new feature in Google Analytics which allows you to see user activity on your website in real time. While “Real-Time” allows you to see what users are doing on your site by the minute and even second, there is another feature in Analytics which is hugely important in gauging the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing approach – this tool is called Google Multi-channel Funnels.

Google’s says this about the new marketer’s dream-come-true:

“Multi-Channel Funnels shows which marketing channels customers interacted with during the 30 days prior to converting or purchasing, allowing marketers to see which channels initiate, assist, and complete conversions. You can measure all of your digitally trackable channels (Paid Search -all search engines, Organic Search (all search engines), Referral, Affiliate, Social Network, Email, Display and even offline sources like TV, Radio via vanity URLs.”

In simple English, Funnels allows you to see the individual adventures of unique user took over a month-long period before finally making a purchase. Understanding the evolution of a user’s mentality and what drives them from placid interest into a buying customer is key to knowing where you can reel customers in, and with what bait. Since Funnels provides you reporting on your various web-marketing strategies, you immediately know where you have to dedicate more time in order to increase conversion rates on the fly (which you’ll be tracking with Real-Time).



Hugo Boss was one of the companies which tested Google’s beta version of Funnels before it was released to the public not too long ago. Patrick Berresheim is the Director of E-Commerce for Boss and told Google’s blog that “knowing more about how our customers find us is very important, and this data helps us make better decisions…it’s now possible to value the contributions of assisting channels, which had previously been hidden by looking only at the last click.”

Not only is Funnels a more in-depth look at user behaviour because it doesn’t only give credit to the last click before a conversion, but Funnels also paints a whole picture for you which shows how all your marketing campaigns link together. Funnels is an invaluable addition to the set of marketing tools already available from Google in the specificity of research user behaviour, and it will be interesting to see how Funnels (and Analytics in general) ties into the new Google Plus social network, which we’ve been discussing recently as well.

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