Search Engine Optimization

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Customers want to spend the shortest amount of time possible searching for content online. Most people don’t click beyond the first page of search engine results. With over 85% of Internet traffic originating via search engines, it’s crucial that your company be well positioned in search engine ranking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drives your web site higher in search engine ranking, increasing traffic and converting curiosity into sales.

SEO Audit

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To maximize search engine relevance, Convurgency works with you to research and identify key elements of your web presence:

  • Keywords: How does your audience search for your services? Who is competing for those terms? We pinpoint exactly which keywords are most valuable to your company, and where you rank.
  • Search parameter: By fine-tuning your site’s code and architecture, we maximize the number of opportunities search engines have to find your site and rank it high in search listings.
  • Site traffic & authority: We analyze who’s vising your site and how they’re using it. We monitor how people talk about you and link to your website, which impacts your site’s authority. We’re masters at improving your site's authority and ranking!

Rank Management

Convurgency puts the emphasis on long-term promotion using content, links and tools that drive traffic to your site over time.

We provide three key services to achieve lasting success:

  1. 1. Off-site promotion to increase web site ranking and visibility
  2. 2. Monthly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports that evaluate site performance
  3. 3. Monthly consultations to update you on your site’s enhanced performance