Make-A-Wish Canada

We look forward to seeing an increase in awareness and website visits in the coming months, as a result of this online marketing campaign. The scope and scale of our digital marketing efforts would not be possible without the generous support and in-kind contributions from Convurgency and Google.

Jennifer Ritter, CEO, Make-A-Wish Canada
(Mar 5, 2012)


We began working with Convurgency in 2008 when was far down the list in organic searches. We hired Convurgency to pull up the ranks and before we expected, was on the top for many of the search keywords we selected. Not only did Convurgency deliver on what they committed; they also worked closely with our us to devise the best keywords for our company. Convurgency tweaked and edited our keyword list to keep true to our product offerings and still managing to improve our organic search results.

Antonio Bellusci ELTE & Gingers Marketing Manager

Engage Diamonds

Prior to working with Convurgency, we had tried working with a number of different firms varying from small boutique operations to larger corporate online marketing firms. The service and the results we experienced were disappointing to say the least. Weve found that there are plenty of firms out there that focus most of their energy on their pitch to gain clients and not on the actual work of delivering results for their clients. Im happy to report our experience with Convurgency has been far superior to anything we experienced with other firms in the past. I would fully recommend working with Justin and his team.

Ji Song Engage Diamonds President

Canadian Medical Facility

Convurgency's development of the Imaging Facility's website has provided benefits on two key fronts: first, it has provided management with an efficient, flexible and secure way to administrate both the content of the website, as well as the monthly invoicing for over 160 laboratories in the GTA. Secondly, it has enabled a user base of over 500 customers to manage their day-to-day booking schedules in a simple and seamless manner, allowing our Facility to run smoothly. We have been very pleased with Convurgency's commitment to providing excellent service and support, and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Renowned Canadian medical facility

Roman Stone

Convurgency Team,
I wanted to just let you know that the website is very professional and we are very happy with it. We are getting very good feedback regarding the site!

I want to thank you and your team for doing an amazing job - I'm very pleased.

Looking forward to more leads.

Josh Guzzo, Roman Stone Designs

Minoo Corporation

We firmly believe that a strong online strategy can make the difference between a new customer and many new customers. Our current strategy was not working and we were referred to Convurgency to assist us with designing an optimal resource tool not only for our existing customers but for new prospects.Developing a site from scratch is never a fluid process and many times involves additions and modifications at a moments notice. Convurgency not only built our site but advised on additional tools and enhancements to make our site a destination for info. They were flexible, efficient, on-time and were true subject matter experts.

A.K Ramchandani President, Minoo Corporation, Toronto

PACE Technical

We consistently find ourselves in the top levels of every single one of our keyword searches. Clients are finding us there too the phone has been ringing off the hook. We highly recommend Convurgency to all our clients looking for the best ROI for their marketing dollars!"

Shael R, CEO, PACE Technical

Kpro Insurance

In 2007 we contacted Convurgency, and based on the clients' testimonials and a strong display of product knowledge, we hired Convurgency for several projects. Their professionalism, knowledge and great listening skills allowed us to complete the projects quickly with outstanding results. Their ability to work efficiently with other professionals allowed a timely delivery of the final product. Justin (of Convurgency) is a true professional and I recommend working with him. The results speak louder than words.

Agata Kozlowska

Silver Creek Landscaping

Thank you Convurgency for designing and optimizing our website, and making it look great! Our inbox is now overflowing with clients that need our services.The first inquiry received through the site more then paid for the entire process. Not long after the website was completed & optimized, we were on the first page of all the major search engines, for every service that we provide.This entire experience has been amazing - I can't recommend Convurgency highly enough. Thanks again for the Fantastic Work!

Theresa Cook Silver Creek Landscaping Brampton, Ontario

Lighthouse Inspections

It is not just having a website, but it's getting it visible that's crucial. Convurgency really helped me to understand what people were searching for, and I'm quite happy with the ranking improvements so far. They even helped me to understand how I can do my own link promotion properly in forums that I'm registered with!

Lighthouse Inspections Barrie, Huronia

Krown Rust Proofing

Since switching to Convurgency my business has improved significantly.We used to use 411.CA. The results were good but costly. Convurgency has been more effective and less expensive. We estimate a 150% improvement over our previous SEO provider. We track our referals very closely at our business. Our invoices cannot be completed without first inputing our customer referal field.Since Sept. to Dec. 2009 we get 4 to 5 new customers a week who say they found us on the Internet. It only took 5 weeks for our search listing to rise to a 1st page listing on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. It has remained their for over a year. Convurgency was very effective and continues to pay for itself. I would not hesitate recommending this service to anyone who wants to grow their business and improve their bottom line.

Daniel Frisson - Krown Scarborough - Owner